Welcome to the secret home of one of the smallest chess engines created, Sam. The name itself comes from rearranging the first 3 letters of small.

I only got to 360 lines and 15 KBytes of source code before moving on to other projects. My original idea was to see how strong a program I could create in under 1,000 lines of engine code and under 40 KBytes of code. It actually has a half-decent search. I didn't get to evaluation though( beyond piece square tables), so lack of any knowledge whatsoever about pawn structure or king safety, or anything else, makes the play often quite poor. It can be a fun program to play against, I usually end up missing a tactical shot and losing.

Note, this program is unsupported by me. It doesn't send results to winboard, although it does know all the rules of chess. It writes its communication with winboard to "outlog.txt".

Source Code: SamChessSrc.zip (8KB): Anyone is welcome to further develop this program, as long as they acknowledge the beginnings.
Executable: SamChessExe.zip (22KB)