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CW3D PREVIEW, by Jonathan Kreuzer
3d models & their textures:  Josh Hess
Other textures & art: Jon Kreuzer
Animation: Jon Kreuzer

None of this is complete, but some parts are closer than others. I've never done any serious animation work before, and I'm still learning how create good animations, but I'm getting much better. The high-res Raptor mesh is just a smoothed low-res one, the warrior has a more developed but still unfinished high-res model. The backgrounds are a bit sparse right now for lack of available art. The sky in particular is just one unchanging 2D texture map, need to update that soon.


The undeformed, normal-mapped & textured warrior mesh.


The Raptor runs through a volley of arrows:

Warrior meets Raptor, gets ready to swing his sword, and chickens out.


Now I thought I'd put up a screenshot to show the scene with specular lighting on. The maps need to be updated for best results ( without a detailed normal map, the specular can make things look a bit like a plastic model. Maybe some tweaking is needed to the specular intensity channel too.. also detail is in the process of being moved from the diffuse map to the normal maps.) Shadows would be nice too, and I hope to get to them soon, the bright highlights imply strong sun and really make me notice the lack of shadows.  



A screenshot of the editor where you can see the meshes & skeletons nicely:

A couple more screenshots from the editor. The side menus are dynamically generated and change based on the selected item and available options. I got a little crazy putting the chooser in both shots, but I figured the previous shots were to show the rendering, so I might as well put something over it in these.