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So far, there are just a few screenshots on this page. These are from the game/level editor. Currently the 3D Models in the game aren't animated, although it would be easy to add the code from Character Workshop and have animated models.  The editor is WSYIWYG, meaning that you edit things exactly how they'd appear in game. It uses pixel-exact back-buffer selection so you can click on anything, (sections of the ground, water, walls, models, lights, etc.) then drag them around or bring up a window and change their attributes. Everything is updated in realtime. Currently there are no cast shadows yet, so the the 3D card actually takes care of most of the lighting right now, but when I have time I expect to add shadows.

 If these levels look a little blockish, that's because the editor was designed for a tactical game where characters would move between squares, attacks would cover a certain number of squares, squares could have certain properties, etc. So the level editor works by creating a map of a certain size (say 32x32) and editing the squares in it. Squares can also be terrain-mapped, as you can see in the temple screenshots. Currently, complex 3D geometry can be created by importing .3ds models. I'm not sure yet if I want to add more complex 3D editing functionality to the level editor itself.

Collision detection and particle effects are implemented. Currently all I've done with particles is make it so you can shoot a glowing ball that leaves a trail that dissipates behind it, and bounces around off walls and the ground. It looks cool in motion, but I'll wait to try out some more particles effects before I put up some screenshots of them. (And I've made a snowing particle effect.)


These screenshots are reduced in size for smaller file sizes. Taktiken was running on a GeForce3 at 1280x1024 at ~100 fps when these screenshots were taken. The 3D engine is capable of making some better looking screenshots, but not much serious effort has been put into making levels yet.

A couple things I want to make clear: The Skyboxes (backgrounds) aren't mine, they were downloaded from the internet because we didn't get around to making skyboxes yet. All the other textures though were created by either Josh Hess or me. The temple level was mostly created by Josh. As you can see by noticeable edges between the grass and the mountains, and the undetailed temple, etc. it isn't finished.





This was just a quick test level I made. I realize that the scene is a bit too colorful. Josh created the Raptor 3D model seen here. All the 3D raptors in the last screenshot look exactly the same because I haven't added the animation code yet. The shining blue and purple things are lights, that's how they are displayed in the level editor.

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