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3D Kingdoms

The 3dkingdoms.com website was founded in mid 2000 by Jon Kreuzer and Josh Hess. For a time the page was maintained by Jon as a personal site for his programs and tutorials. Now it's partially a company site as we've started larger projects.

Jonathan Kreuzer

Jon at his computer.

Technical Lead,
Programmer & Designer

I got my start programming by creating text adventure games in Basica when I was 10 years old. Since then, I have learned C/C++, x86 assembly, Win32 API, WinSocks, OpenGL, PHP, and become familiar with Java, Perl, and DirectX. The games I've made have gotten a lot more complex over the years too :)

Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Art, and Writing.

Artwork Page

Josh Hess

Digicam Picture

Lead Artist
3D Modeler & Graphic Designer

Josh Hess has drawn his whole life and started working with computers and digital art at the age of 13. He has a degree in 3D animation from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Hobbies: Graphical work, Electronics, and Video Games


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