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Feel free to email me with comments/questions/suggestions related to anything on 3dkingdoms.com:

IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTE : my email for this page was overrun with spam to the point where it's unlikely I will find and respond to it. I apoligize if I missed anyone's emails. Since this page is very old and more recently it has been rare to get an actual email I haven't gotten any new contact set up at this point.

OLD NOTE : I read all my email, and I will respond to most emails if they are asking for a response, (eg. they ask a question.) Otherwise I don't respond, but if you've written just to say you like the webpage and have found it useful, it is appreciated. I don't do much email discussion of programming, but it may encourage me to write/update tutorials on the subject. Sometimes I'm out of town, so response may not always be quick.

Note: This address has changed ocassionally because of automated spam. It may change again if the amount of spam becomes unmanageable.