Pointy Stone 3 Othello   by Jonathan Kreuzer

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Links to Othello programs, or info about Othello programming

Pointy Stone Screenshot

Other Othello programs:

(Except for possibly Booby Reversi, each program listed here is at least somewhat stronger than Pointy Stone.)

Booby Reversi Homepage : A strong, small program.  

WZebra Homepage : One of the best and strongest Freeware programs I've found. Very quick searches, well-tuned knowledge, and very fast endgame solving. It also has some cool features like analyzing games. The page contains some general programming info.

Edax: Another very strong program. This one isn't made for humans to play against, but can communicate with other programs by writing and reading files, which makes it useful to test a program against it.

Logistello Homepage : Logistello by Michael Buro was once the strongest program in the world, but is now retired from play.  Not available for download, but the page has a lot of info on programming Othello. The source code is now available.

NTest: A very strong program, which also has its source available. I haven't looked at the source, since it came after I was finished Othello programming, but I guess it might be where to look if you want to see strong othello code.