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    The Villager's Tale    

  Postponed .. April 2007

The Villager's Tale has been postponed indefinitely. All the assets and the engine are still around and available for the future, but the game is not being currently developed. Although this has been announced elsewhere many months ago, I decided I'd update this page too for those who still stumble across it. I've written an article about creating the game and what went wrong for anyone interested.

 Update 3 .. February 2006

There are 6 new screenshots, including a few wallpaper versions, in the Screen Shots section. Also we now have a characters section and a gameplay section in Game Info. There's no video yet. We haven't decided whether make a short video with what we have so far, or wait until we can make better one that can be used as a trailer.

 Update 2 .. August 2005

There are now 6 new images up on the Screen Shots page. There is still a long ways to go to create the entire game world, and get the all the features we want in, but what there is now feels like a game. The next update will probably be a video. It looks a lot cooler in motion than as stills.

 Update 1

Welcome to the home of the new action RPG, The Villager's Tale. The game is still in the early stages of development. Occasionally as the project progresses, we will update this page.

There are 8 images on the screenshots page, including 4 wallpaper versions.
The game info page contains an overview of the design and story, and the technology used to power the game.


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