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Sir Edgar

Sir Edgar:

You play the role of a knight of the Kingdom, sent to investigate the strange happenings in Shadow's End and report back to the king himself. After years of training in the mysteries of the demoniac world, this is your chance to apply your knowledge.

Lord Jamethus Horenguard:

He is the man responsible for the Shadow's End. Though native born himself, his ancestors are from a noble family of the Kingdom. You should tread carefully around him, as he outranks you, and may have an agenda beyond what he revealed in his request for help.

Lady Marra:

Marra has been the wife of the lord for ten years, but was originally born to a wealthy family with roots in Shadow's End. Her official powers are limited, but her influence on events in the city extends much farther than is apparent.


High Priestess:

Her church predates the Kingdom's presence in Shadow's End, and perhaps the Kingdom itself. When the high priest was trapped and killed by the demons during the split, she became the church's leader. She's greatly revered by her parishioners, and is said to have miraculous healing powers. Not everyone believes in her abilities though, nor in her church's benevolence.

Captain of the Guards:

To all outward appearances he is a straightforward and dedicated man, in firm control of the City's army. He could be a valuable ally, as the respect he receives from the citizens is near as great as the respect he receives from his soldiers.

Lord's Adviser:

He's a self-proclaimed expert on demons, and just about everything else. However from the nature of his explanations to you upon your arrival, you're forced to wonder if he's withholding his knowledge, or simply incompetent.


Antiques Dealer:

An eccentric elderly gentleman, whose shop contains an assortment of goods, some with no known origin, some that appear to have been looted from the old city. Such a man couldn't go deep into the old city and pick through the houses and debris, where even younger warriors fear to tread, or could he?


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