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The game is always real-time action in any mode. Combat requires both quick reflexes and strong strategy. You are capable of melee fighting, ranged combat, and using magic gained during your quests.

There is both a first and third person mode. Traveling through the city and its buildings is predominantly done in the 1st person POV, while your battles are fought in third person. There are exceptions for special cases, such as firing a longbow or crossbow at an enemy not in combat range.

The game is divided into separate levels, but together they form a coherent single level encompassing the Shadow's End area. Your path is mostly non-linear, meaning you won't progress from one level to the next, instead you will explore the world at your discretion.

By talking to the right characters or acquiring important items you can unlock new areas to explore and learn more about what's happening to the city, and who's hands are guiding what events.


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