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     Plot Overview     
At the edge of the Kingdom, the town of Shadow's End is under attack. Two years ago the sudden appearance of monsters only heard about in an occasional rumor created a panicked flight of citizens and soldiers alike, with only a near dawn rally keeping the human population from being destroyed or driven away completely. Now a heavily patrolled wall splits the town in half along the old battle line, with the abandoned part of town, dubbed the "old city," a ruined and deadly place left to the demons.

Shadow's End, when annexed 70 years ago, was already home to an ancient church and cults, and now the old religious groups and the new political order are almost at each other's throats over who is to blame, while each day defenses against the enemy grow more precarious. The village lord sends an urgent request to his king for army divisions he says are necessary to save the town. The king, a cautious ruler, finally responds to lord's request by sending only one man.

You play a knight of the Kingdom and experienced demonologist, sent as a envoy to unravel the mysteries of the Villager's Tale. You'll have to choose your loyalties carefully to survive and earn allies. Possibly you can do more than report back, if you gain the power and knowledge needed to journey into the heart of the old city and hunt down the source of the scourge.


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