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link to CW3 Page This is an overview on the state of the 3D Kingdoms engine/editor used in the creation of The Villager's Tale.

  • Skeletal Animation:
    -Can use the same animations with different character meshes
    -Easily tween between animations or overlay animations in realtime
  • Inverse Kinematics:
    -Animations can be adjusted in realtime to fit the character's environment better.
  • The skeleton is used to deform a mesh:
    -Weighted vertex attachments to the bones
    -Blend shapes to interpolate between predefined meshes
  • Normal Mapping on meshes:
    -Can approximate a high polygon model from a low polygon one. The lowpoly mesh is rendered, but the lighting is very much like the highpoly one.
  • Specular lighting, including intensity map in a texture alpha channel, and settable exponents.
  • Mesh Chunks, apply different textures or shaders to a chunk.


  • Outdoor rendering features:
    -Terrain (from a height map), grass, sky box, cloud dome, and fog.
  • Particle System
  • Alpha rendering pipeline (for sorting, and other techniques to render alpha'd objects correctly.)
  • Bump-mapping on meshes & characters
  • Specular lighting on meshes & characters
  • Uses CG Pixel & Vertex shaders for lighting & normal mapping.
  • Overlay textures supported on all shaders
  • Lighting:
    -Dynamic colored lights with attenuation
    -Projection maps
    -Dynamic shadows for all lights and objects using stencil shadows. Shadows are recalculated only if the light or object has moved.
  • For high-end GPUs:
    - HDR: Glow/Bloom & Autoexposure
    - Depth Blur including auto-focus.

Collision Detection:

  • Bounding Box: For an initial quick test, or optionally the entire object.
  • Per-Polygon: Checks a shape(ellipse, box, line, etc.) against each polygon for intersection, and performs collision resolution if required.
  • Physics System: Objects and the world can interact based on defined characteristics. Still a lot left to do on this though.


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