3D Kingdoms Creator

3D Kingdoms Creator has been designed to be relatively easy to use and easily expandable. When possible the same systems are used for multiple types of objects and assets. The editing is primarily visual in nature, and it offers the standard 3D editing features users have become accustomed to. It doesn't have pages of options, but it is moderately customizable.

  unified chooser
     Design Overview
  • Object types that expand object base class.
  • Plugin support for objects & assets.
    • Uses .dlls loaded at runtime
    • Automatically reload modified plugins, even if they're in use
  • Asset Managers & Editors
    • Manage: Skeletons, Meshes, Animations, Materials, Textures, Sounds.
    • Edit: Skeletons, Meshes, Animations, Materials.
    • Editors can also be used to set game-specific flags
    • Unified Chooser that works for any asset type.

  graphical user interface

     Graphical User Interface
  • Configurable View Windows
  • Dynamic Dialogs & side-tabs
  • Standard Menu
  • Toolbar
  • Gizmo
  • Graph Editor
  • Object List / Chunk list / Hierarchy list
  • Switch to Asset Edit Mode
  • Switch to fullscreen Game Mode
  • Statistics and visual debug options
  • Memory effecient Undos & Redos
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