3D Kingdoms Creator

Kingdoms Creator was designed for realtime rendering in games. All rendering options are toggleable and adjustable so it can be scaled to any generation of computers. It uses Cg vertex and pixel shaders for advanced effects, and allows new Cg shaders to be easily added into the rendering system. It can also can render and save animations, so it can be used to create traditional 3D-animated video.

  depth blur

  projected textures

  rendering options


Cg pixel shaders
  • Specular lighting, with adjustable coeffecients and intensity maps
  • Normal mapping & bump-mapping on static meshes and skeletally animated meshes
  • Specialty shaders such as parallax occlusion mapping
  • Template generated shader variations for different lighting/shadowing options
  • Multiple Colored lights + ambient
  • Alpha Pipeline
  • Realtime shadows (stencil and projected)
  • Projected Texturing( texture spotlights, soft-edged projected shadows )
Post Processing
  • High Dynamic Range Lighting(HDR)
  • HDR Effects: Glow/Bloom, and Auto Exposure
  • Depth Blur, including Auto Focus
  • Render Video Frames to files.
  • Save Screenshot

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