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This program began life as a character animator designed for games, so a lot of effort has gone into its character animation features. It is able to do every step needed for skeletal animation. In addition to complete animated sequences, individual animations for game actions can be made and managed. It can also be used to animate and render the characters in-game.

  alien bug skeleton

  attached mesh

  graph editor



     Skeletally Animated Meshes
Create Skeletons
  • Create Joints and Bones
  • Set properties, like joint type and constraints
Attach Meshes
  • Pose and bind skeleton to mesh.
  • Attach vertices by selection or bone influence shapes

     Animation Editing
Animate Objects & Skeletons
  • Key Frame based
  • Uses quaterions for rotations, with adjustable smoothing.
  • Inverse Kinematics for limbs. (Arms, legs, or anything similar.)
  • Overlay skeletal animations by joint selections
Graph Editor
  • View graphs of position or rotation
  • Adjust curves by adjusting position and velocity
  • Key/Unkey individual axes (X,Y,Z,rotation)
Other Features

View window backgrounds, including background by frame for rotoscoping video-captured animation

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