3D Kingdoms Creator
Game Mode

The same code used for running the game is also part of Kingdoms Creator. Therefore you can enter gamemode at any time almost instantly to see how your level plays. (Or use the game features available in the standard editor view.)

Below is a non-comprehensive list describing game mode.

game screenshot thumb
 The Villager's Tale game


game screenshot thumb
 character action graph


     Game Mode Features
  • Enter full screen view from editor (as well as play in the editor view.)
  • You can control the player with the usual 3D game controls (keys + mouse).
  • Joystick support, tested with the Xbox & Xbox 360 controller.
  • Sound support via Direct Sound.
  • Portal based occlusion culling.
  • Collision detection on meshes and the terrain, used for player movements and hit-detection with shot particles.
  • Plugin support for rigid body physics middleware.
  • Trigger game objects and play scripted animations.
  • In-game Menu System. (Editable in editor or .txt file)
  • Customizable HUD

The engine in 3D Kingdoms Creator is being used to power The Villager's Tale.

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