3D Kingdoms Creator
Level Editing

With the Kingdoms Creator level editor, you can make changes in a rendered environment, and instantly see the exact effects of any changes made. Just adjust objects (meshes, terrains, particles, animation, etc.) by setting properties / dragging / sub-object editing. It's not quite a full solution, as it's not designed to create meshes or textures from scratch, but it has features to edit these.

  editing a level

 mesh editor

  particle grass&leaves
Object Types:

  • Meshes
  • Particle systems
  • Cameras
  • Items
  • Skeletons
  • Lights
  • Actors
  • Terrains
  • Cloth & Strings
  • Game Triggers

Multiple Objects:
  • Groups - Group any objects to optionally treat them as a single object.
  • Hierarchy System - Maintain multiple types of attachments between objects.
  • Sectors - Large levels may be divided into sectors, which can be hidden or culled.

     Asset Editors
  • Set mesh properties and flags for the game
  • Tweak meshes by moving verts, scaling, ...
  • UV Editor for single or multiple textures.
  • Physics Actor creation - setup collision shapes & joints
  • Set flags per texture like compression type, clamping, mipmapping type, ...
  • Use normal maps in object space or tangent space
Game asset management for a team is possible using a group shared directory. Check-in edited assets to the network dir, or automatically update local assets from the network. Also any loaded assets changed outside the program can be reloaded automatically.


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