3D Kingdoms Creator

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3D Kingdoms Creator is a full-featured level editor and character animator. The interface is similar what is found in high-priced 3D editors, but geared specifically towards game creation. It supports realtime-rendering in the editor, just like that in the game engine, so you can see the exact effects of your changes instantly.

  • Uses OpenGL for rendering, and is compatible with all recent graphics cards. (Older cards work fine, but don't support all the rendering options.)
  • Runs on Windows XP and earlier versions to Win98. Includes 64-bit native version.
  • The source currently consists of ~1280 Kilobytes of Object-Oriented C++ code and a relatively small amount of Cg shader code.
  • In 3D Editor Programming Notes, you can read about a few aspects of the programming and code.

Kingdoms Creator was in development from 2003-2006. It was used in-house on our planned game project, and to make small demos mainly for testing purposes. Any new plans are uncertain, we currently have no plans to sell the program, or to create a demo version (or limited freeware version) to release. However, these are possibilities in the future.


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