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 Jul 21, 2003

The new temporary name of my 3D editor is 3D Kingdoms Creator... it can do more than just characters, but an emphasis will remain on character animation. I've done a lot of work adding in some more features that are standard with high-level 3D programs, and added back in skeleton/mesh attachment editor. There's still a lot of work left though, and some interesting ideas to work on. I don't know when I'll be ready for a big webpage update describing and showing in detail the new program, probably at least months away. Here are a couple screenshots from the partially redone editor. Screenshots

 Jul 05, 2003

I've been working on CW, but there's much more to do than I remembered. Currently I'm redoing the skeleton editor, which I had forgot to do before and have a few things to add back into the animation editing. I'll probably move from there to the particle system, it's still in a very simplistic form. Then I'll be able to get back to the Inverse Kinematics & real-time physics and rendering. (Then maybe finish the IK tutorial finally, and I'm considering writing a tutorial on 3D selection... maybe not as exciting as rendering or IK, but I think quite a few people would find it useful.)

 Jun 14, 2003

I haven't had much time to work on Character Workshop in the last months, but I have done some work. I'll be moving soon, but hopefully once I'm done moving and have everything set up, I'll be able to do more work on CW and have an update on it for this page sometime soon.

 Feb 26, 2003

As often happens, I'm busy with other things and will be for at least a while, so I haven't worked on the new 3D editor for over a week, and don't have any good updates for this page. The new 3D editor does now have most of the features of Character Workshop, and fair number that Character Workshop didn't, and I'll definitely get back to it.

 Feb 04, 2003    News Section Added

I decided to add this for anyone whose interested in what I'm working on now, and also as a place to talk about any updates to this page. I've made a new 3D Editor framework that's easily expandable and reusable, and supports .dll plugins for new classes of object types/ asset types/ functions. I'm currently getting all the editing functionality from Character Workshop 3D working in the new framework, and plan to continue adding any salvageable code from old projects into this new program. So hopefully in a week or two this will be done, and I can get back to trying to add cool features and working on the short animation, and working on tutorials (finishing the IK one, maybe a few general ones, then I'll try to do some research and make some more interesting ones.)