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 Dec 01, 2004    Celso 3D

I decided to put up a few more screenshots from the Celso 3D demo level. These are from the 3rd-person view. Shot1, Shot2, Shot3

It's not quite a game yet, but there are 3 different fully-animated character/enemy models, and 3 weapons each with a distinct primary and secondary firing mode. It's mainly making a full level with goals that's fun to play that needs to be done.

 Nov 07, 2004    Celso 3D

Recently we've been working on a 3D Demo game based on the Java game. The reason for the change from the Villager's Tale is that this is a much smaller project, and we hope we might be able to complete a 1 level downloadable demo. (No estimates yet on when.) The Kingdom Creator Editor/Engine is at the point where making a full game is possible so we thought we'd take advantage of this, although there are still many features to add or tweak. It uses DirectSound for sound, 3D sounds are now in and seem to be working fine. The goal is to create a good-looking playable game, even if it doesn't show-off all the rendering/animation/other features available in the engine.
Here's are a couple screenshots: Player Model, 1st-Person. (The player model shots are also from the in-game renderer.)

There's still a partially finished Villager's Tale page that isn't up yet, I'm not sure if we'll work on finishing it or concentrate only on our current demo. The Villager's Tale animations turned out very nice, I might try to put up a video of them sometime.

 Sep 08, 2004

I've been busy recently moving, and probably will be again sometime soon, I just got internet again yesterday. An update for this page is planned, perhaps an overhauling of the design. It will probably be done within a month.

The game is beginning to feel a lot more game-like. There's now a playable character (the warrior in the screenshots,) with quite a few animations (run/walk/crouch/jump/weapon switch/sword attacks/bow shoot...) The screenshots page might be replaced with a game page with some more info, story, and images about the game.

 Jul 20, 2004

There's now a screenshots page up from the game demo we've been working on. It's still far from completely playable form, but there were plenty of opportunities to take some shots that show off the new art, and newer features like realtime-shadows, bump-mapping, specular lighting, etc. I'm not sure what the my future plans for this game are, maybe I'll release more shots or a video when I'm further along. I do still think it might feel like a playable (albeit unfinished) game by the end of the summer, however no releases are planned in the immediate future. I'm not sure if I'll concentrate more on the 3DKC or game part, the two share most of the same code anyway.

 Jun 29, 2004    3D Kingdom Creator

I've been working on the 3DKC, and added some new rendering ability as well as the usual usability features, optimizations, and general bug-fixes. (I decided not to put upscreenshots now, but rather wait until we have a more finished scene to better show off the rendering ability.) For one it can now can use bumpmaps on everything, not just the characters, and has a few pixel shader improvements. However, I think the coolest of these new features is realtime shadows using shadow volumes and the stencil buffer. Using realtime shadows on everything in a scene is quite a speed hit, probably a little less than half the frame rate. It's too early to tell how much the effect really is, since the tests are on scenes that are different and mostly simpler than final scenes would be, but I've only done a couple of the many possible optimizations for the shadows. The shadows seem to add a lot to a scene, but there is also still sometimes some funny behavior from my shadow algorithm to correct. In a couple weeks I hope to add some new screenshots.

I'm now working more on the animation, and getting all animation abilities from the old CW into the new 3DKC framework, and of course fixing/adding lots of new stuff. Now that I'm finally working on more IK related stuff, I might get my IK tutorial more finished in a few months. Also from months ago I have a 1/3 or 1/2 done 3D selection tutorial that I haven't put up, I hope to find time to finish that too.

 May 02, 2004

I thought I'd add an update about my current plans to create a new demo with 3D Kingdoms Creator. The old animation demo was never finished for a few reasons. (I majorly overhauled the 3D editor, so I lost many parts of it, but I wasn't happy with my animation ability anyway.) Work on the new demo has already started, maybe this one will be a playable game demo, not just a running animation demo. This time there's already much more art content (by Josh Hess) to work with. When we make more progress I'll post some screenshots. The new demo may even be finished by the end of summer, if everything goes perfectly.

I've recently been doing a lot with the Game Mode, I've added in collision detection, now you can shoot arrows into objects, and player objects can't walk through things like trees... in fact they can even jump in wagons, etc. (screenshot). For the player bounds I use an ellipse, for the shot arrows (screenshot) a line. It can do collision detection on a per-triangle basis (this probably isn't that fast,) but meshes can also have chunks specified to use for collision detection, presumably with less small geometry than the visible chunks. That doesn't mean the collision detection is finished, in some cases player/mesh collisions resolve in an odd way, or don't completely resolve.

 Mar 11, 2004    Java Sidescrolling Shooter Game

I've recently done the programming for a Java 2D sidescrolling shooter game. I worked on it a few hours a day over the course of a couple weeks. Although I have worked with Java a little bit before, this is the first program that I've written in Java. The majority of the game art was done by Josh Hess, hopefully though I'll have a full credits listing to put on the game page sometime. (And I'll add a link to it and more description in the programs sections.) It only has one level currently, but more levels may be done in the future. I do think it's a fun game myself, so if you're interested Play the Java Game!